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Amerikaanse Sales is anders dan Nederlandse Sales.

Selling in America has some unique features and elements that distinguish it from other sales cultures. Some of the key aspects that make American sales unique include:

  1. Assertiveness and directness: American sellers are known for their assertive and direct approach. They’re often confident, persuasive, and action-oriented. They showcase great determination in their selling efforts and aren’t afraid to robustly present their products or services.

  2. Customer-focus: In America, much emphasis is placed on understanding the needs and wants of the customer. American sellers aim to build a strong relationship with the customer in a personal and empathetic manner. They’re focused on providing solutions that align with the customer’s specific needs, emphasizing exceptional customer service.

  3. Competition and performance orientation: America is a highly competitive market, and this is reflected in the sales culture. American sellers often have a strong drive to meet targets and excel in their performance. They are motivated by achieving success and are frequently rewarded based on their individual sales results.

  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: America is renowned for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and this also influences the sales culture. American sellers are encouraged to use creative approaches, explore new markets, and experiment with sales strategies. There’s a culture of risk-taking and aspiring for growth and success.

  5. Use of Technology: American sellers often make use of advanced technological tools and systems to support their selling efforts. This ranges from CRM systems with features that streamline, automate, and organize business processes like sales, customer service, and technical support.


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