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Denise Koopal, headhunter from YER USA visiting the Van Holland Group NL office in Baarn.

“How do you always manage to find top-quality team members for sales teams in the USA?”

Of course, we don’t just do this with our network of specialists. Any entrepreneur can post a job opening. A recruiter can usually find someone too, but if you’re looking for really outstanding individuals… they’re often quite comfortable in their current job.

This is where a headhunter comes into play. I was chatting about this over a cup of coffee with Denise Koopal, a headhunter from YER USA at the Van Holland Group NL office in Baarn. She knows industry experts who aren’t actually actively seeking a new job, but understand that from time to time a change is necessary for the right growth opportunities.

  • How should you read an American CV?
  • How should you draft the perfect proposal?
  • And how do you ensure that you manage your American sales in an American way from the Netherlands?

We have created a results-driven solution for these challenges. If you’re seeking to increase your revenue and not only want your US company formation in order, but also want to follow through with the right people in your sales office, let’s talk. Or do you already have a team in the USA, but your sales are struggling? Let’s explore the possibilities over a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a Fractional Sales Team, sales support, or Denise who can headhunt for you, there’s a variety of options we can discuss.


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Effectively recruiting sales team members in the US requires strategies.  This can be achieved by clearly defining roles, attracting the right people, providing the appropriate tools, promoting a flexible mindset, and continuous performance evaluation and training.

Recruiting effective members for sales teams in the US requires several key strategies. First of all you can outsource this to a headhunter or you can do this yourself.

Here are some essential steps:

  1. Define the Team Structure and Roles: Clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Consider factors such as specialization, territory, and customer segments.
  2. Hire the Right People: Use a mix of methods such as job sites, social media, industry events, and referrals to reach a large pool of potential candidates.
  3. Create appealing job ads and leverage social media to attract high-quality candidates.
  4. Provide the Right Tools: Equip your sales team with necessary tools, including CRM systems, communication platforms, and sales support software.

Foster a Flexible Mindset: Encourage adaptability, resilience, and a customer-focused approach within your team. Promote data-driven decision-making and collaboration. Remember, building a high-performing sales team is an ongoing process. Regularly evaluate performances, adapt strategies, and invest in training and development to maintain success.


Book a free intake or give us a call at +1 (786) 2326384

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