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If you have one sales rep, what team members should you add?

Based on our research, here are the key steps to effectively support and expand your sales team:

  1. Provide the necessary resources and tools to help the sales team maximize their potential, such as sales support tools, software, presentation materials, and administrative assistance.
  2. Tailor your management approach to the individual needs of each sales rep, as different reps may respond better to different styles and strategies. Work closely with each rep to understand their needs and provide the appropriate support.
  3. Set clear goals for the team and track their progress, while also setting your own goals as a sales manager and tracking your own progress. This helps keep the team aligned and motivated.
  4. Identify and help the team overcome any barriers to success, such as fear of rejection, lack of training, or misalignment between sales and support teams. Provide coaching, training, and facilitate better collaboration between departments.
  5. Cultivate a winning sales team culture by building accountability, transparency, and mutual support. Invest in hiring the right people, training them thoroughly, and developing a positive team dynamic.


When expanding a small sales team of one rep, the key additional roles to consider hiring are:

  • Sales Development Representative (SDR) to focus on lead generation and qualification
  • Account Executive to handle the sales process and close deals
  • Customer Success Representative to maintain relationships and drive upsells/cross-sells

By taking these steps, you can effectively support and scale your sales team to drive greater success for the business.

The Van Holland Sales “Bookends Model”

You already have some things in place regarding your organization in the USA, but you could use some support here and there. Tell us your business case and we may be able to help you with a Fractional Sales Team. Adding a few people flexibly to your team a few hours per week. We are your “sales bookends” to strengthen your organization.


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